The Health in You

I have created this page for informational purposes only. Ultimately, it would be best to speak to your primary care physician prior to trying any intervention I bring up. However, I also advocate for having a healthy relationship with an open-minded health-promoting doctor or health professional who wants you to find better health through whatever means work best for you. You should never outsource your health completely to someone who does not attempt to understand WHY you may have found yourself in a particular state of health. 

This part of my website has been created as a means to promote better health of the whole, including our immune system, which happens to be pretty important when it comes to not just fighting viruses and bacteria, but of overall long term health outcomes for much of, if not all, chronic disease.  

Sleep. Nutrition. Connection. Movement. Balance. Hydration. Purpose.

7 Tools. 1 goal. To put ourselves in the best position to handle all the stresses, strains, and pressures that life throws our way. The better structure we have in our lives, the better our health can become.