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What does treatment look like?

The first visit: You fill out a health intake to form in order so we are aware of issues that are going on with your health, including injury/accident history, surgical history, and any medical diagnoses.

From there we can begin to set goals for the treatment to ensure that we are on the same page with regards to the timeline and the expectations of the treatment. From there both active and passive motion tests will be done to see how well you can move, as well as areas that don’t. A global treatment will then be given in order to “clear the smoke”. Although not typically a solution for all problems, it will certainly provide a great effect in stabilizing the body and give you a glimpse of what true health should feel like when your posture is improved.

After this session, we should have a better understanding on what treatment dose is best on your path to health. Active and passive motion tests will continue both before and after treatment, to ensure that we have achieved success in improving motion.


This is the blueprint I use for longer standing issues. Within each stage treatments are spaced out every 1-2 weeks. In between each stage there is typically a 2-3 week break to give the body a chance to heal for the next phase.

1. Foundational Treatments

(1-4 treatments) Foundational treatments are similar to building a strong foundation and framework to a house. If a house is built wrong, you can try again and again to replace the broken windows, but it’s not a solution. By using this, we ensure success in the later stages of treatment, as well as clear up many problems that have compensated for the true issues.

2. Unlocking The Problem

 (2-4 treatments) The second treatment phase involves finding the key areas that have laid the groundwork for holding back your health. These may be anything from old ankle sprains, back problems, rib problems, shoulder issues, etc. that didn’t receive proper treatment initially. Over the course of the first few treatments, often these old aches and pains will re-awaken, providing us with a chance to properly treat them as you recover.

3. The Clean Up Treatments

(1-3 treatments) Although the last phase involves shorter treatments, they are equally important to the previous two. These treatments help relatively small and specific areas that have typically been around a long time. By removing these restrictions your body should be freely capable of moving and doing a much better job of being resilient to physical and other stresses that hit you throughout the day. A free body is a free mind.

Principles Based Classical Osteopathy

Our best pharmacy is not found outside but within

Bad posture, old injuries, and our physical activities shape our bodies, our diet fuels it, and our perspective on life drives us forward. Classical Osteopathy understands that structure lies at the basis of every function. For optimal health, every tissue in the body needs normal functioning of the nerves, blood flow, and lymphatic return; all of which require motion. Without it our fluids cannot move as needed, body signals are delayed, and the system becomes compromised. If we lose motion in an area, the health of that area and it’s relation to the function of our entire body can deteriorate over time. The health of our mind and body need a stable structure to support it.

Classical Osteopathy is based on mechanical principles, understanding how one part of the body is related to every other part. Through using gentle manipulative techniques. it works with the fascia, muscles and ligaments to move bones and realign the body to promote better overall health. It works with the body rather than against it, guiding bones into place so that muscles can work normally rather than forcing treatment to any of these parts, allowing for the stabilization of a treatment. This leads to a more successful outcome that actually lasts.

For treatment

Keep in mind that some people have had less exposure to injuries over time and can often progress more quickly through these issues. Some problems that have been there for a long time may not respond so quickly. Classical Osteopathic treatment estimates about a month of healing for every year the problem has been there. Although we can certainly improve things, one should not expect a back injury of 20 years to fully recover in 2-3 months.


Please do not be late. Show up 10-15 minutes early for your first treatment and at least 10 minutes for your following treatments. If you show up late you will only receive the remaining time available in your treatment window.


Please wear loose clothing. Tight fitting clothing is restrictive and restricts my ability to find where problems are coming from. Spandex and tight sports bras should only be worn for sports, not for treatment.


Socks are also wonderful. Treatment will be refused for people who come to treatment with only dresses, skirts, muscle shirts or tank tops. I move legs and arms. Treatment can also be refused due to bad personal hygiene.