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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Classical Osteopathy?


Classical Osteopathy is a holistic drug-free therapy that centers around the health of the entire body

Classical Osteopathy works with the fascia, muscles and ligaments to move bones and realign the body to promote better overall health. It works with the body rather than against it, guiding bones into place so that muscles can work normally rather than forcing treatment to any of these parts, allowing for the stabilization of a treatment. This leads to a more successful outcome that actually lasts.

Can I receive treatment while pregnant?



A principle of Classical Osteopathy is to not harm the patient. No one should touch a mother in her first trimester in particular. Gentle safe treatments are provided in the 2nd and 3rd trimester, but it is highly recommended to seek treatment before pregnancy to ensure the best chance for success during pregnancy and childbirth. It is also recommended to seek treatment as you are ready after childbirth, to ensure the pelvis comes back together properly.

Does treatment hurt?



Treatment is gentle and is not like other treatments that focus strictly on bone alignment. Treatment is focused on getting your overall body functioning better, so even if you have a painful area I will most likely be working on the area causing the pain, not the area where the pain is being felt.

Will I need more than one treatment?


It depends on the case

Older problems will require more attention than recent injuries (unless they’re caused by very old problems).

What does classical Osteopathy treat?

Any dysfunction in the body is often found related to poor posture and motion mechanics of any on of the body’s 360 joints. Poor posture costs us energy and promotes stagnation of fluids and local and global inflammation, which can lead to states of dis-ease. The earlier in this process that treatment can be provided the less chance there is of it seriously affecting your overall well being.

Classical Osteopathy can be:


By improving the overall structure we can improve the function of the body, thereby reducing the chance of disease provided the blood and nerves have adequate room to function. As always, the earlier one can be seen the lower the chances of needing surgeries, and other last resort methods of healing.


Just like your car, your body deserves a check up every now and again. This helps to remove restrictions earlier and improve health before it deteriorates.


In the cases of late stage diseases, Classical Osteopathy aims to help an individual have more good days than bad. Miracles should not be expected when a person’s health bank account goes below a certain level.

What does classical Osteopathy NOT treat?

Medical Diagnoses

Classical Osteopathy isn’t the solution to every ailment. We work with how the body moves and aim to remove barriers in motion so that the body can deal with the cards it has been dealt better. If we improve the way we move and the structure of the body, we open up room for the body to work better. By improving the overall health of the body, health can become more stable.

For Treatment

Please do not be late. Show up 10-15 minutes early for your first treatment and at least 10 minutes for your following treatments. If you show up late you will only receive the remaining time available in your treatment window.

Please wear loose clothing. Tight fitting clothing is restrictive and restricts my ability to find where problems are coming from. Spandex and tight sports bras should only be worn for sports, not for treatment, those tissues need to breath if you want to maintain their health in the long term.