The Mechanics of Digestion

Acid reflux, bloating, troubles digesting fatty foods,blood sugar response, diarrhea, poorly formed stools, or constipation. Certainly the foods we eat compound these problems, but what about the way we move our bodies? 

Compressions, tensions, torsions. The common thread winding through body misalignment is a decrease in space in the body. As mentioned last month, this can increase pressure on the heart. However, it also increases resistance and exerts pressure on the nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels that need to work in harmony with each other in order for the body to function properly. The signals that must pass from the brain, to the stomach, to the pancreas, small intestine and liver in order to carry out normal digestion can be disrupted when we put a twist in the body, develop a hunched posture or a “flag-pole” spine. Throw the psychological load of modern life on our nervous system, and all of a sudden, good digestion becomes an afterthought to our body. 

How do we fix it? 

  • Chew your food to break things down properly and allow time for signals to pass through the blood. 
  • Avoid distracted eating. Looking at your phone/TV rather than your food affects normal breathing when eating and disrupts hungry/full signals.
  • Go for a 5-30 minute walk after eating a meal. This decreases your blood sugar level and helps move food through the digestive system.
  • Evening or morning stretching/yoga helps create space in the body. Be sure to breathe through it to expand within!
  • Try fasting for a day, or work up to a period of days. This helped me break cravings/bad food habits and bring better awareness around when I was hungry, just thirsty or simply seeking a way to ease a stressful situation! Look up Dr. Peter Attia or Andrew Huberman on YouTube or any podcast platform to find ways to do so safely.


Of course, any bumps, strains, chronic stress or longstanding poor postures may complicate the preventative measures above. These cases may be best helped through well-guided osteopathic treatment. For those in the wizarding world, help will always be given to those who ask for it. Don’t be shy stranger!