How Osteopathy helps makes it easy on your heart.

Strain can have a large effect on our heart rate and blood pressure. It can be physical, caused by a fall or accident. It can be psychological, from a stressful childhood, your work environment, or a loss of someone you love. It can also be spiritual, by staying in a job or relationship you dislike instead of finding a way to do more of what you love to do with people who bring positive energy. Lastly, it can be a substance thing, following a diet too high in sugar, high in inflammatory foods, alcohol or drugs, which can all stress the cells of our organs.

All of the above affect our nervous system, short term or long term. As our muscles, organs, or other tissues around the affected areas tighten up to protect us from further damage, the resistance to our cardiovascular system is increased, making it harder for blood to circulate. Our heart is left with only one choice: work harder. 

Beyond just aligning the body, a lot can be said for the calming effect osteopathy has when it removes the disturbances in these strained tissues, and allows things to relax, opening room for our blood and lymphatic system to flow more easily. We feel healthier, more relaxed, and yet more energetic, which I put down to the decreased workload of the heart(and brain!) as they seek to send blood and nutrients to heal all parts of the body.

Osteopathy isn’t just about muscles, joints and bones you know!