Principles Based Classical Osteopathy

Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO (August 6, 1828 – December 12, 1917)
was the founder of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine.

Our best pharmacy is not found outside but within

Classical Osteopathy understands that structure lies at the basis of every function. For optimal health, every tissue in the body needs normal functioning of the nerves, blood flow, and lymphatic return; all of which require motion to work as they were meant to. Without it our fluids cannot move as needed, body signals are delayed, and the system stops working properly. If we lose motion in an area, the health of that area and its relation to the function of our entire body can deteriorate over time. The health of our mind and body needs a stable structure to support it.

Classical Osteopathy is based on mechanical principles, understanding how one part of the body is related to every other part. Through using gentle manipulative techniques. It works with the fascia, muscles and ligaments to move bones and realign the body to promote better overall health. It works with the body rather than against it, guiding bones into place so that muscles can work normally rather than forcing treatment to any of these parts, allowing for the stabilization of a treatment. This leads to a more successful outcome that actually lasts.