• Academics :

    The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy – M.OMSc. 2019 ;

    McGill University – BSc. Nutrition 2014


  • Speciality: Classical Osteopathic Manipulation

Who is Joshua Blair?

Classical Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
After a decade of amateur rugby, I was finally treated for the first time in osteopathy in the summer of 2014. As you can imagine, my body was a wasteland of old bumps and bruises. I was used to it. Now, after being on the receiving end of many osteopathic treatments, my body feels better than ever. My old injuries finally are healing as they should have. Throughout my long athletic career, I have been fortunate to have been followed by excellent therapists, experts in their respective fields, however, none have caused an impact on not just my body but overall well being that osteopathy has had.

After my initial taste of osteopathy, I began my study in Classical Principles-Based Osteopathy at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in 2015. This is the only school of its kind in Canada, and most likely the only one of its kind in the world. Through this I learned that osteopathy is not about any techniques, but about building an understanding of how the body moves and the things that make it move. Without this mechanical understanding, it is impossible to develop the osteopathic thought process that it takes to solve problems that any individual technique can’t solve. It’s about moving through the body in a way that allows it to grow from treatment. By studying the successes and thought processes of the early American Osteopaths, one begins to understand how to work with the body in a way that achieves results above and beyond anything seen in other manual works. I was truly fortunate to have discovered this model of healing and have studied amongst some of the best osteopaths in the world and I am excited to be bringing this back to my Quebec communities.

Why do I do what I do?

I believe that the little things matter. I believe that helping people to increase their freedom in motion can make a large difference in how they can experience their life. I believe seeing positive effects from little things can waterfall and lead them to making other small good decisions towards their health and well being that can impact them and those around them, giving them a chance at much more fulfilling lives.

I also believe in the power of community and I believe that healthcare should be affordable to all. I believe that if you live the right way, others will follow. I don’t believe that those in health care should be sacrificing their health to do their job. I believe that you are your best chance at healing. The most powerful compounds for healing are made in the body, not outside of it.

I believe in pushing the limits of what is possible when it comes to manual therapies. I have seen and experienced what the body can do when treatment is truly individualized to that person. I fully believe that our body can produce all the necessary chemicals to heal itself regardless of the state it is in, and that if we can fix the structure and remove restrictions to this healing that we can recover fully from almost any physical ailment.

How do I aim to do this?

The body and mind are well connected through the nervous system. In order to make a effective change, I have to understand what their body is telling me. I have to continue to grow my knowledge and understanding of an individual to make a small number of changes that can greatly impact the ability of the body to move. By removing this tension within the machine, the body is now free to deal with the overall health of the system.

My other interests

I have an interest in how sports affect the way our body’s form and at what cost this comes at to the rest of the system. I am also interested in the power of our diet, mind training and methods of exercise that try to challenge all joints of our body.