Osteopathy is for Everyone

Preventative, Curative and Palliative

Preventative: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

A younger body can bounce back up after a serious fall almost instantly, however, even an older, well aligned body is able to handle any physical strains much better than one out of alignment.

Joint pain Part 1: Where it comes from

People come into my office for a variety of reasons, but joint pain is definitely top of the list (Ok so maybe Osteopathy has something to do with bones). But the question we must always ask is why? Did it come from trauma? Was it repetitive strain from holding a posture too long, or doing too much of an exercise/activity?

Worried Sick? It might be gut check time

There’s no question how important it is for us to be able to regulate our emotions. Holding on to fear, worry, shame, and other negative emotions is not only hard on the mind, but hard on our digestion. Be aware of how you eat; watching the news, eating while driving, or seeing something on social media that irks you or makes you feel as though your life is lacking (unfortunately it’s designed for this) only works to activate your sympathetic nervous system.

Can We Find Better Health from the Inside-Out?

Every cell in the body is connected to the rest by blood and by nerves. A cell receives nutrition, puts out its waste, and sends out signals for what it needs through arteries, veins and capillaries. For more urgent matters, like having stepped on a nail, it uses the nerves so that the rest of the body can react quickly through muscles to minimize the damage.

Our Body as a Machine

Imagine a car with its wheels in alignment:

  • It helps avoid tire tread: Our tires last longer
  • It increases your mileage: The fuel(energy) lasts longer and is more efficient
  • Less veering to one side: Requires less effort on the driver to keep the car on the road

Now what happens when the car hits a pothole/speedbump,

When should I use Osteopathy?

Part 1: The mechanical Issue Bones are the gears, muscles are the pulleys. If the gears are out of place, strains, sprains and irritations are the result. The wide world of alternative medicine can be a cloudy place. There are many options out there to discover, all with their own unique style in helping restore [...]

What Osteopathy is all about

Dis-order=dis-ease. Freedom=health. We say disease when we should say effect; for disease is the effect of a change in the parts of the physical body. Disease in an abnormal body is just as natural as is health when all the parts are in place.-Osteopathy Research and Practice- Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathy Why does [...]

What can osteopathy do for athletes?

The Power of Proper Structure I remember being in my third year class at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. The principle of my school, an osteopath with 10 plus years of experience, always brought in people who needed help outside the school to demonstrate to students how mechanics work and what osteopathy can do for [...]

Building your health

If our bodies were a garden, most people coming to receive osteopathic therapy tend to have arrive with quite a few weeds. Our bodies respond to the stresses we put under it, usually pinning our pain or dysfunction down to specific areas. However when left for too long, these strains tend to overcompensate, the weeds [...]