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Ormstown Office: 37, rue Lambton, Ormstown, QC J0S 1K0

On picturesque main street, which provides a staple old town scenery which provided the backdrop for many movies. I work in behind the yoga studio, which is often either closed when no one is there, or closed for classes. In order to get to my office, walk to the right of the studio. There will be a path between the buildings that will take you in behind the buildings. Once you are behind, turn left, and my office is beside the red deck. You will see a wooden sign once here.

Pointe-Claire Office: 9 Avenue de la Baie de Valois, Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 5H2

10-15 minutes from the airport, and well connected to bus and train routes, this location is located on a small street of Lakeshore. Parking is provided. There is a driveway just before the grey building at the end of the street on the right. You may park along the fence facing the highway. The entrance is located on the side of the building facing the highway. My office is in suite 9, in room 1, at the top of the stairs.