Can We Find Better Health from the Inside-Out?

Every cell in the body is connected to the rest by blood and by nerves. A cell receives nutrition, puts out its waste, and sends out signals for what it needs through arteries, veins and capillaries. For more urgent matters, like having stepped on a nail, it uses the nerves so that the rest of the body can react quickly through muscles to minimize the damage.

Our Body as a Machine

Imagine a car with its wheels in alignment:

  • It helps avoid tire tread: Our tires last longer
  • It increases your mileage: The fuel(energy) lasts longer and is more efficient
  • Less veering to one side: Requires less effort on the driver to keep the car on the road

Now what happens when the car hits a pothole/speedbump,

Health inside-out

If a farmer gives his soil enough care, building up a strong
bacterial and fungal network within it, the health and resilience of their
crops will only  increase. The same is true of our body and immune

With the current viral pandemic going on, I think our
medical community has done a fantastic job on being clear on the many things we
can do to prevent the rapid spread of infection.